It's been a month

I've known you for so long but it is now when I can see myself lying in your arms. I never thought I would be here today writing these words to you.

Baby, just hold me,
simply control me.
Because your arms,
they keep away the lonely.
When I look into your eyes,
then I realize,
all I need is you in my life.

How could I ever think it was you the one loving me today? And here I am, giving you my heart, my soul, all what I've got to give, and I can see no reason for stop doing it.

Those wonderful things that you do,
they got me feelin' in love with you.
That loving you this easy
comes so naturally.

I want so hard for this to be sweet, no matter the bitterness that awaits me at the end. It always does. But 'till that day arrives I don't want to be without you. I hate it when I feel so lonely. Come around and keep the loneliness away from me for a while.

2 comentarios:

Nata dijo...

Ay Lau! Como me alegra que estes feliz! Y que ya lleven un mes... Y espero que sean mucho meses más! Porque ademas te sienta, se te ve muy bien ese chino André! jajajaja

Purple Haze dijo...

te amo.........mucho?, jijiji, demasiado!!!!!