Twenty-four roses

A rose for the moment I met you
Two roses for all the time we've spent together
Three roses for all the laughter you brought into my life
Four roses for sharing our past
Five roses for the tears we've shed
Six roses for giving me hope
Seven roses for proving me wrong
Eight roses for believing in you
Nine roses for making me stronger
Ten roses for the first kiss
Eleven roses for those times you held me in your arms
Twelve roses for touching your skin
Thirteen roses for sleeping beside you
Fourteen roses for the warmth you gave me
Fifteen roses for the smile you could drawn on my face
Sixteen roses for making me feel beautiful
Seventeen roses for not being alone for a while
Eighteen roses for dreaming together
Nineteen roses for the sweet and sour I tasted
Twenty roses for not wanting to let you go
Twenty-one roses for thinking all day about you
Twenty-two roses for falling in love with you
Twenty-three roses for making me jump into the air
Twenty-four roses for me

Twenty-four thoughts for you, my love...

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Anónimo dijo...

Y a esta hora
Tu amor es lo único
Que me es atento
No sé pero semejante
Es la canción
De los ramajes graves
Y densos.
Algo así quisiera escribir
Por relatarte mi amor
Mi amor
Que sí
Pudo ser.

El Orate

Unknown dijo...

veinticuatro rosas para un laurel! jijiji

Despues de eso cualquier cosa que diga es un babosada!!!

Uy lau te tiene enamoradita!!! jijiji

Lalita dijo...

También hay rosas para ustedes

Rayuela dijo...